Whirlwind Systematics presents the

Plane Performance Predictor - JDK 1.0

This is a fairly simple attempt at a program to help design/analyze (electric) planes. If you have less then an 800 x 600 browser window, you will have scroll the window to view the whole applet. Please be patient as This may take a little while to load, up to several minutes. Java must be enabled to use the program on this page. Java 1.0 is required for this version, which is what most versions of Netscape Navigator uses. This page should work with just about any browser which supports Java. If you have a newer browser which supporsts JDK 1.1, the other version of the program which opens its own window and has a few extra features. Please do not give this page out as the JDK 1.0 version may change and should be linked to through the main (JDK 1.1) page. The database and calculations are the same for both versions, but the 1.1 version has a nicer user interface (in my opinion). This version will occasionally display extra decimal points for some values due to conversions between units. Just ignore them.


If your browser recognized the applet tag, you would see an applet here.

This page and this program are very preliminary. All suggestions and comments welcome. Complaints will be ignored. This program was not ment to replace ElectriCalc or MotoCalc but as a programming excersise and to allow more people access to some form of the performance calculations so necessary for successful electric flight.

This program compiles several formulas that I have taken from the net (such as calcul8a.xls, motor.xls (link currently down), Martin Hepperle, and the articles on the Aveox site.), from Bob Kress's article Electric Flight Model Design in Flying Models, and Model Aircraft Aerodynamics by Martin Simons. All formula are approximations - some are better than others. The current, voltages, powers, and RPM are all fairly accurate. Others less so.



All suggestions are quite welcome. A source for a good approximation formula for climb angle, climb rate, and drag and/or max speed would be especially welcome.

I do take requests for items to add to the menus. All decisions as to what to include are entirely mine.

This page brought to you by William Sears of Whirlwind Systematics
Please address all questions or suggestions to me.

This program is free to use, but you may not copy it, modify it, or sell it in any way. Feel free to link to the JDK 1.1 page from your own site. Do not link to this page as it may move.

If you wish to support this program, I do web pages, or you can buy Garrison Aerodrome kits (I help make them), or donate any models or modeling items you wish. I mostly do this stuff to support my R/C hobby anyway.