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Who is Whirlwind Systematics?

Whirlwind Systematics is the alter-ego of William Sears. I am a professional programmer who does some web page design and webmastering on the side. I believe that the greatest advantage of the web is how it allows information to be shared with everyone. Therefore, my web pages tend to be very businesslike and straightforward. This allows the maximum number of people (read: customers) to view them. Look over some of the sites mentioned on my home page for what I mean. Note, however, that sites are speciallized for each customer.

I speciallize in taking your current printed documentation and created a full, customer serving, web site. However, I also provide minimal webmastering for those who wish to write their own sites, web space for those who want to be their own webmaster, and special page creation and support for those who already have their own web sites.

If you want to contact me about helping you get your business on the web, I can be reached in many ways:

You can also have a look at my personal web page.

As an aside, I should point out that I really got started when my brother-in-law, Darwin Garrison, wanted to start Garrison Aerodrome. He started it as a web business and needed a web master. He got the modeling business going, and started doing web pages for others. Once the modeling started taking all his time, we split the web piece and I became a separate entity: Whirlwind Systematics.

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